Thursday, March 14, 2013

ULTRAVOX - LIE (From The Album - Brilliant)

Hello and welcome back...... From the album "Brilliant" (Released in 2012...How did I miss that?), comes the song "Lie", possibly the best song on the album, a stunning sound that is pure Ultravox, Its a song you can listen to over & over.
Another song that caught my attention was "Brilliant" the title track to this album.
If you get the chance to buy this album, do so..... Sadly just about every review I have read about the album "Brilliant" has not been very inspiring, I must admit, the middle of the album seems to aim for that "Vienna" sound, kinda sounding a bit morbid but just when you thought... "this album is crap", song 10 "Lie" smacks you in the face with its tasty goodness, and says I'm not finished yet, I on, its been 20 -30 years since their last album, give them a for me, its worth the money....Its great to see another 80s electronic band making a comeback, even if it was a year ago.





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