Friday, March 8, 2013


Hello and welcome back....... Some times you hear a song and instantly love the sound, that how it is with this song by "Matt Finish", a song called "Short Note"
Matt Finish was a band with Matt Moffitt as a lead singer & guitarist.

Matt grew up in Glenbook, Blue Mountains, NSW, (Glenbrook is 15mins down the road from where I live (I'm in Springwood)).
He formed the band Matt Finish in 1979 and toured with bands like U2, Midnight Oil, INXS, The Ramones & Brian Ferry (Roxy Music).

Sadly On 13 August 2003, Matt Moffitt died on his Birthday in his sleep at the age of 46

Matt released 4 albums from 1981 - 1993 & 4 EP's.
My favorite songs would be "Short Note", "Miss this Tonight" & "All that Stuff".......
"Miss this Tonight" is an awesome song I never sick of hearing.

Classic Australian music that will never be forgotten.

SHORT NOTE  (thanks to John Prior for the video)

MISS THIS TONIGHT  (thanks to aussie80ss for the video)

ALL THAT STUFF    (thanks to aussietv2 for the video)

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