Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ALF - STUCK ON EARTH (lost hit)

Hello and welcome back.....Who could forget the lovable alien "ALF" from the planet Melmac.
He was so Cute & Loveable that he could get away with anything including trying to eat the Tanner family cat (Lucky) 
ALF was short for Alien Life Form
Did I mention he was cute?
The name of Melmac was in reference to dinnerware from the 1950s.

In 1987 a Dutch radio show did a remix called "Stuck on Earth", I admit I brought this single....It was catchy, one of those songs that stick in your head.
Stuck on Earth made it to No 6 in the Dutch music

If only all aliens were this cute...... Just hide your cat


ALF EPISODE  (many thanks to melmacianalf for the video)



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