Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hello and welcome back.....Robert Allen Palmer (Robert Palmer) was an English singer born in Yorkshire, England.
His voice was very distinctive, and often added other styles of music such as Reggae, Soul & Blues,  just to keep it interesting.
Robert was also a member of the band  "The Power Station" (think "Some Like It Hot")

Sadly Robert died in September 2003 from a heart attack. He was only 54.

Robert Palmer had a slather of albums to his name (14 in total). The song Simply Irresistible was his biggest hit, reaching No1 in the Australian and US music charts. The album Heavy Nova (1988) was his biggest making it to Gold and Platinum status.

For me, I don't like the song Simply Irresistible, while being flogged on radio you soon got sick of hearing it (The video was pretty good though) and besides Robert had so many other excellent songs you don't hear anymore.

Songs that got my attention were "Johnny and Mary", "Looking for Clues", " Bad case of Loving you (Doctor Doctor)", "Hyperactive" & "Addicted to Love",  but it was the song "Early in the Morning" that got my attention, Love the Melodic Synths, the twangy guitars and the unmistakeable voice of Robert..... The song "Hyperactive" also rates a mention, Its an Excellent song.

Robert was known in the music industry as a true gentleman and its good to know his songs will still live on, even if it is the song "Simply Irresistible".

POWER STATION - SOME LIKE IT HOT  (Thanks to EMImusic for the video)


HYPERACTIVE  (Thanks to VinylandTapeforever for the video)

JOHNNY AND MARY (Love the Synths)  Thanks to RobertPalmerVEVO for the video

LOOKING FOR CLUES     Thanks to jmannen77 for the video

BAD CASE OF LOVING YOU  (Doctor Doctor) - The audience is pumped...... Thanks to jmannen77 for the video

ADDICTED TO LOVE   Thanks to RobertPalmerVEVO for the video

SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE  (O.K, I'm warming up to it now)   Thanks to EMImusic for the video


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