Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LIMAHL - never ending story (Lost Hit)

Hello and welcome back.... Christopher Hamill (Limahl) first shot to fame in 1982 with the band "Kajagoogoo".
Limahl decided to go solo in 1984 and sang the main theme for the movie "Neverending Story".
The rest of the music for "Neverending Story" was done by Giorgio Moroder (Electric Dreams).

For me, this song (and movie) was one of my favorites, I could relate to running away and disappearing to another world to save a princess. Sadly this never happened, but the movie made me believe that anything was possible.
I have watched this movie over 30 times and still love it.

LIMAHL - NEVER ENDING STORY   (Thanks to emimusic for the video)

LIMAHL IN CONCERT 2012  (yes, he is still out there :) )


Limahl has released a  new single called "1983", he just wants to go back in time to 1983... DON'T WE ALL :)

LIMAHL - 1983  (2012)

download the single here


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