Friday, August 24, 2012

DIVINE KNIGHTS - clouds (the sanfernando sound remix) - sounds like the 80s

Hello and welcome back.... After huge success with the song "Storm", Divine Knights are back with a new single "Clouds"
This tasty treat of Lush vocals and heavenly synths has been given a extra dose of sweetness having being remixed, affectionately called "The Sanfernando Sound Remix".

The original song "Clouds" is from the newly released album "Midnight" and is available from ITunes.

This remix version has given the song a danceable quality which sounds amazing and the costumes are "Divine"
CLICK HERE  to download "Clouds" remix

For me, this band sounds alot like "Pet Shop Boys" or even "Depeche Mode".
Divine Knights also do a cover of Bronski Beat" - Smalltown Boy" which you can find on their album "Midnight"

A stellar effort from Divine Knights.

DIVINE KNIGHTS - CLOUDS (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)

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