Sunday, June 17, 2012

KOO DE TAH - think of me (classic 12inches)

Hello and welcome back.... As requested by Anonymous, a classic sound by "Koo De Tah" that, once again is given the 12" treatment.
Sadly a mp3 download in not available for this song...BUT.. you can use a program called "Free youtube to MP3" = CLICK HERE and cut and copy the web page address into this program = web page address
Just make sure that the MP3 setting is in "Lame Insane Quality 320" so the song sounds a bit better. Also click on "Options" and go to tab "Output" and select desktop or music" otherwise its like hunting for a small fish in a big sea.
I have also included the video by band "FM Attack" - Yesterday which uses "Koo De Tah - Too Young for Promises" as a backing track... Magic sound... Cheers


FM ATTACK - YESTERDAY  (Thanks to Maniac Synth for the video)

CLICK HERE  to Download "Koo De Tah" and more from my Mixtape series........Enjoy

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