Thursday, April 19, 2012

KOO DE TAH - body talk ( Classic 12 Inches )

Hello and welcome back....Possibly one of my most favourite bands of the 80s and it just got better with this song.
"Body Talk" came out in 1986 of the "Koo De Tah" self titled album.
Love how certain 12" versions keep to the song but changes it slightly for the better, this is one of those songs (some just sound the same as the original song, but longer).. Enjoy.

KOO DE TAH  - Body Talk


  1. is there a link to download just the MP3? Also does anyone anywhere please please have the think of me 12"??

  2. Hi anonymous, sorry i couldn't find a download for this song, but you could use a program called "free youtube to mp3" =
    This works well for those hard to find songs, just use the web address that youtube uses and copy & paste to the program, with older songs make sure the setting for "youtube to mp3" is set to mp3-lame insane quality so it sounds excellent.

  3. Thank you so much!!!!!!!


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