Friday, April 27, 2012


Hello and welcome back... A few posts back I mentioned about a tape that got cooked in my tapedeck after leaving it in the sun, one of the songs on this tape was Tracy Spencer, an amazing Italo disco song that I just love....
I have found another song from this tape....Must thank Radio Polskie - 80s & Italo disco for playing "Bad Boy Blue - Come Back and Stay".
All I could remember from this song was the flute sound (similar to the koo de tah band) and the "Oh Baby" in the middle of the song and that it was released around 1987.
Turns out, that in 2009 they re-released this song with a more punchy dance beat and synth riffs (how did i miss this? )... Was I asleep? ... This is an excellent song. Enjoy

Come Back and Stay  ( 1987 )

Come Back And Stay  ( 2009 )

Sadly the one of the original singers in 1987 ( Trevor Taylor ) died of a heart attack in 2008 in Germany

Also original backup singer in 2009 ( Andrew Thomas ) also died in Germany 

Only one original member of Bad Boy Blue remains ( John McInerney )

CLICK HERE  to Download "Come Back and Stay" and more from my Mixtape series.

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