Sunday, March 25, 2012

HIT PACK COMPILATION - virgin records ( lost tape)

Hello and welcome back.... I can't believe i found this tape, while cleaning a bedside drawer i found one of my most favourite tapes from the 80s.
What made this tape so special i hear you ask?
First, the cleaver people at Virgin records sold this tape disguised as a chocolate bar... What a brilliant idea.
Secondly it had some wicked songs on it, I nearly wore out my AIWA walkman listening to it.
And lastly, the songs were special dance mixes of some of the best songs from 1985.
Unfortunately, my tape has seen better days but i refuse to throw it out, for sentimental understand don't you?

I have tried to keep the same remixes so it sounds the same ( or close to it )

Track listings =

1 = Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - In Transit/Goodbye Bad Times

2 = Stephen"Tin Tin"Duffy - Kiss Me

3 = Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me

4 - Do-Re-Mi - Idiot Grin

5 = Scritti Politti - Perfect Way

6 = The Pookah Makes 3 - Take It Back

7 = Beargarden - I Write The News

8 = O.M.D - So In Love


1 = Scritti Politti - Mastermind mix (Wood Beez / Absolute / Hypnotize)

2 = Time Zone  - World Destruction

3 = Colourbox - You Keep Me Hanging On

4 = Samurai Trash - Samurai Stomp

5 = Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You

6 = Colourbox - Just Give 'Em Whiskey

7 = Heaven 17 - The Heaven 17 Megamix

So Many Memories ...Remember, Store in a cool place ( see wrapper) ... Cheers



  1. I love this tape (i bought this in the late '80's
    I found a link for the SCRITTI POLITTI MASTERMIND MIX

  2. massive thanks to Shaun007 for the link to Scritti Politti, the collection is now complete :)

  3. Thanks so much for putting this together. I loved this tape too. Now to put together a high quality audio version of this album.

    1. Side A is available to download... Side B shortly.. cheers


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