Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hello, Just a quick note = due to the demise of Mega Upload and Multi upload, alot of links may not be working anymore, this has caused a flow on affect to the ones that are still working. You can expect at least 1-2 hours to download albums that would have only taken 20 mins previously.
In this ever changing world its a shame that greedy record company's and organizations have to change certain things to suit themselves and their billions of dollars.
To the notion that we as consumers are stealing from artists is totally wrong, as someone like myself who has worked in major music stores, how can we steal that what is not available?, I scoured through music catalogs to BUY, yes Buy 80s music albums only to be told that they were not available, that they had discontinued years ago. The albums that were available, I ended up buying.
Unfortunately money talks and soon i fear that sites like my own and others will soon come to an end as will free speech.
These are my thoughts and rants only and not that of blogger or anyone else

Thanks for taking the time to read.


  1. You're spot on there Michael, the main reason they shut down those sites was because of current piracy, downloading films is common practice over here,as well as new music onto Smart phones. I think are days are numbered even though we have old, mostly deleted stuff on our blogs, my mediafire files are still okay (all 800+ !) but I'm waiting for the day when they have gone and with it my blog. Make hay while the sun shines methinks!!

  2. So true jonny, shame, so much great music out there. Hope the weather is better where you are, hot humid and cranking thunderstorms at the moment in Sydney.. Cheers

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