Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PLASTIC BERTRAND - ca plane pour moi ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back...Just outside the 80s was this strange song.
Sang by Belgian musician Roger Allen Francois Jouret ( aka Plastic Bertrand ) in 1978.
He started his career in music as a drummer in the band "The Bisons" playing Rolling Stone covers.

O.k here's the bad news, Plastic Bertrand didn't actually sing this, The song "Ca Plane Pour Moi" was recorded in a studio and was sung and produced by Lou Deprijck.
For his efforts "Plastic Bertrand" received only 0.5% of the song royalties (Milli Vanilli anyone )...Still its a great song and even better when had one too many to drink and you try to sing the lyrics...English translation is interesting... goes something like "Wham Bam my Splash Cat",  least everyone knows the chorus... Oooo-ooo-ooo-ooo

PLASTIC BERTRAND  - ca plane pour moi

LYRICS TRANSLATED  (yes, its real) .. taken from spicks and specks TV show..many thanks

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