Monday, February 20, 2012

BEARGARDEN - i write the news (lost hit)

Hello and welcome back... O.K back to the music.
Beargarden were a Melbourne band from Australia and were often a back up to gig to INXS live shows and went under the banner of "New Wave".
The band was fronted by Sam Sejavka (vocals) with Mick Lewis (guitar), Carl Manuell (drums) and Gus Till ( synths)
Mick Lewis was later replaced by Shane Andalou.
Gus Till also played in the band "The Models".

I first heard this band after buying a compilation tape in 1985 which had this excellent song on it called 1985 ON  FIRE.
Beargarden released 2 albums called "all that fall"( 1985) and recently " The Word That Refers To The Word That Refers to Walt Disney" (2010)
 Beargarden was often on the aussie show "countdown" with Molly Meldrum.
Other songs by this band were "the finer things" and "drink,drink,drink"
An excellent "lost" Australian band.




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