Saturday, December 10, 2011

A WORTHY APP - Stereophonic Equalizer 3D Sound iPhone app

Hello and welcome back.. Every now and then you come across something worthy of a mention. Being a huge fan of 80s music sometimes it sounds flat or it seems to have lost its oomph. Enter this neat app, I have it on my iPhone and its one of the best sounding apps I've heard in a long time.

This app reminds me of an amp i had back in the 80s. You can choose the pesets or leave it on manual and have some fun, the best thing is if you get a bit excited and overdo the sound it will go into the red and won't distort the sound... brilliant.
If you like the setting you have created you press the middle button and save your work. Just a hint - when the red power button is lit its on standby, when you press it and the light goes out - its on.

Press the arrow button on the bottom left and you are on the visual deck. The visuals are stunning with similar to what is on the iTunes visualizer, some of them are mind boggling and don't miss a beat. Press the eye button to change. Press the center button for album artwork.

 Now this is where it gets interesting, this deck has a stereo widening similar to surround sound or 3d stereo and the second slider is like a stadium echo effect.. Lots of fun for just $0.99 ( aust ).. Worth the money to enhance your music collection. Well done to the developers.. a 10/10

Check out the funky video below... Cheers.

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