Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Duran Duran's 1984 "live" album was a mix of several albums including "Rio", "seven & the ragged tiger" and a new single called "wild boys". Strangely wild boys doesn't even sound live as the audience seems to have disappeared. Still its an excellent album. Arena was re-released in 2004 and included songs "girls on film" and "Rio".
My favorite song on this album would be "hungry like the wolf", I think it's a song that sounds better "live" than studio, for me hearing a band live gives you a idea of how good the musicians are or if they let the studio do all the work. Duran Duran is a excellent band live and this album proves this. A great snapshot of  80s electronic music. Enjoy
Track listings =
1 = Is There Something I Should Know?

2 = Hungry Like The Wolf

                                     FAST FORWARD 29 YEARS

3 = New Religion

4 = Save A Prayer

5 = Wild Boys

6 = The Seventh Stranger

7 = The Chauffeur

8 = Union Of The Snake

9 = Planet Earth

10 = Careless Memories

11 = Girls On Film ( bonus 2004 )

12 = Rio ( bonus 2004 )

Simply brilliant...CLICK HERE to Download "Duran Duran" and more from my Mixtape series.... Enjoy

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