Monday, November 21, 2011

ULTRAVOX - the collection

Hello and welcome back.. My stint in hospital went well and many thanks for your best wishes.
Ultravox was fronted by two singers depending on which song your listening to. John Foxx was the first and left the band around 78-79 and was replaced by Midge Ure in the early 80s.
This band is the essential new wave sound with classic experimental noise and heavy use of analogue synths
Ultravox released this "best of" in 1984 and for me captures the essential sounds of the 80s, I even had a coloured picture disc on vinyl when it first came out. This album shot to no 2 in the U.K music charts and had a slather of hits including "hymn", "the voice", "Vienna", "we came to dance" & "loves great adventure".
My pick of this album would have to be "sleepwalk", its just a perfect  electronic song with a catchy beat. Enjoy.
Track listings are =
1 = Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

2 = Hymn

3 = The Thin Wall

4 = The Voice

5 = Vienna

6 = Passing Strangers

7 = Sleepwalk

8 = Reap The Wild Wind

9 = All Stood Still

10 = Visions In Blue

11 = We Came To Dance

12 = One Small Day

13 = Love's Great Adventure

14 = Lament

Love this band... CLICK HERE to download album.. Massive thanks to for the link.. Please make sure you say THANKS to baba... he is a "legend".  Cheers.

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