Saturday, November 5, 2011

TANGERINE DREAM - firestarter

Hello and welcome back...Taken from the 1984 movie "firestarter" staring Drew Barrymore, this piece of music from Tangerine Dream is a moody sweeping synth driven song and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. The movie itself is written by Steven King and is about a girl named Charlie who has special powers to set fire to things, it's a bit corny in places and fresh from her E.T stint, Drew does a good job at acting the part, but its the music that sets the scene..
This piece of music is called "Charly the kid" and is about the middle of the move when Charly and her dad are on the run from the authority's and they make it to the hideaway. Unfortunately , the authority's catch up with them and things get a little crispy.. A moving piece of music.. Enjoy.

Mesmerizing.. CLICK HERE to download "Firestarter" soundtrack.Massive thanks to for the link .. cheers

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