Thursday, November 10, 2011

ROXETTE - look sharp

Hello and welcome back.. The Swedish duo of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessel known as Roxette came out with this gem of an album in 1988.
I have always been a big fan of Roxette, love the use of vocals between Marie & Per and also the use of synths to create the mood of the songs.
The album "Look Sharp" made it to no2 in the Australian music charts, strangely it only managed a no23 in the U.S.
A string of hits on this album included "the look", "dressed for success", "sleeping single", "dance away", "chances", "dangerous" & "listen to your heart".
My pick of the album is a hard decision, there are so many excellent songs to choose from but i went with "(i could never) give you up", its an emotional song for those who have lost in love or had a loved one leave .. Brilliant album.. a 10/10.
Track listings are =
1 = The Look

2 = Dressed For Success

3 = Sleeping Single

4 = Paint

5 = Dance Away

6 = Cry

7 = Chances

8 = Dangerous

9 = Half a women, Half a shadow

10 = View from a Hill

11 = ( I Could Never) Give You Up...                            ( why wasn't this song a single? )

12 = Shadow of a Doubt

13 = Listen to your Heart

Sorry, couldn't go past this... Love Baywatch

Amazes me how half these songs were not singles... CLICK HERE to Download "Roxette" and more from my Mixtape series....... cheers.

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