Saturday, November 26, 2011

EURYTHMICS - 10 favourite songs ( my mix tape )

Hello and welcome back... I am a huge fan of the Eurythmics and just recently i purchased the album "best of" from iTunes. O.k .. time for my gripe. HALF the songs are missing, when you call an album "the best of" i would hope it had most of the "best stuff" on it.. Not so.
Missing songs are "sex crime 1984", "( i love you ) like a ball and chain", "Beethoven" and "never gonna cry again". These songs are to me some of the best songs the Eurythmics have ever made, so i made my own mix tape, not necessarily the "best of" but the missing songs and then some.
I have also included some live songs as well so there may be 2 of the same songs but sounding different. I made this mixtape from 7 different albums and haven't stopped playing it. Hope you enjoy.

1 = I Could Give You A Mirror

2 = Sex Crime 1984 ( live )

3 = Sweet Dreams ( Hot Remix )

4 = I've Got An Angel

5 = ( I Love You ) Like A Ball And Chain


1 = Beethoven

2 = Never Gonna Cry Again ( Live )

3 = Revival

4 = Sex Crime 1984

5 = Ball & Chain ( live )

The live versions are absolutely stunning. If you like my mixtape you could Download almost every album and pick through the different songs OR you could DOWNLOAD a software ( free ) called Freestudio, this software has a program that allows you to extract the audio from you-tube videos ( most of them are HD ) and make a Excellent album that beats the music that you don't get on a " best of".. cheers

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