Friday, November 11, 2011

ENERGY 52 - cafe del mar ( dj kid paul mix ) ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back.. Shortly after the 80's, Acid (Music not the drug :)) was introduced, a type of music know as trance was also becoming popular.
Blend acid and dance, and one of the best songs I think was this song by "Energy 52 - Cafe del mar"
This song came out around 1993 and has a slathering of remixes that would make you dizzy but this one called the "DJ Kid Paul Mix" has to be my favorite.
There is 2 parts to this song, the first is classic synth trance & the second part which starts around 4.55 is more of a moody sweeping trance.
Sounds incredible on a set of headphones. Hope you enjoy.

Takes me back...

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