Wednesday, November 2, 2011

EDDIE MURPHY - party all the time ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... When actors decide to start a singing career it will either work or it will fail. David Hasselhoff tried and failed with "hooked on a feeling" ( well, i didn't like it ) but Kylie Minogue was pretty good. Eddie Murphy's attempt is pretty good depending on who you ask.. I like this song, its snappy, upbeat and a feel good song with guest appearances from Rick James ( the dude with the golden locks ). This song was also written and produced by Rick so it was only fitting he was in the video."Party all the time" was let loose on the general population in 1985 and went straight to no2 on the U.S music charts. In 1989 Eddie had a minor hit with" put your mouth on me" which sounded like a cross between Prince and Milli Vanilli. ( my opinion )
To keep the vibe going in 2006 the band "Deep Dish" did a dance version of the song know as P.A.T.T. ( party all the time ).  Brilliant sounds.

EDDIE MURPHY - party all the time.

EDDIE MURPHY - put your mouth on me.

DEEP DISH - p.a.t.t. ( party all the time )

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Massive thanks to for the link.. Enjoy.

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