Monday, October 31, 2011

MICHAEL JACKSON - thriller ( lost hit - halloween special )

Hello and welcome back.. My first introduction of thriller was when i went with my dad to a audio convention in Sydney and i saw the full 14 minute video "Thriller"on a huge CD called a laser-disc. "This is the way of the future" stated the salesman.. Wrong.
While the laser-disc failed, Thriller didn't. Neither did the album which went on to become a no1 worldwide. For me this is the best video clip ever made ( my opinion )
So on this Halloween i thought i would recap all things spooky. Enjoy.
MICHAEL JACKSON - thriller  ( full video )

CLICK HERE to download.. big thank you to (don't forget to say thank you)

This is incredible...House light display ft Thriller .. Thanks to KJ92508 for the use of his video.

ELVIRA - mistress of the dark. ( ft tassel dance )


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