Monday, October 31, 2011

MICHAEL JACKSON - thriller ( lost hit - halloween special )

Hello and welcome back.. My first introduction of thriller was when i went with my dad to a audio convention in Sydney and i saw the full 14 minute video "Thriller"on a huge CD called a laser-disc. "This is the way of the future" stated the salesman.. Wrong.
While the laser-disc failed, Thriller didn't. Neither did the album which went on to become a no1 worldwide. For me this is the best video clip ever made ( my opinion )
So on this Halloween i thought i would recap all things spooky. Enjoy.
MICHAEL JACKSON - thriller  ( full video )

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This is incredible...House light display ft Thriller .. Thanks to KJ92508 for the use of his video.

ELVIRA - mistress of the dark. ( ft tassel dance )


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NIK KERSHAW - the best of

Hello and welcome back... I think there is something about "Nik Kershaw's" songs, there so catchy and easy to sing to. Even my 6 year old loves his music.
I chose this album because it has one of my favourite songs called "dark glasses", this song should have been a single and is my pick of the album. Also on this album is "wouldn't be good", "the riddle", "won't let the sun go down on me", & "wide boy".
Nik is best know for the video where an moving image is transferred onto his suit. First time this technology was ever used. see if you can pick, from which video. cheers
Track listings are =

1 = wouldn't it be good.

2 = the riddle

3 = dark glasses

4 = don quixote

5 = monkey business

6 = when a heart beats

7 = city of angels

8 = dancing girls

9 = progress

10 = i wont let the sun go down on me ( love this song )

11 = so quiet

12 = radio musicola

13 = she cries

14 = nobody knows

15 =cloak and dagger

16 = wide boy

17 = one of our fruit machine's are missing

18 = human racing

Bring back the mullet.. CLICK HERE to download.. make a note of the password, you may need it.
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NIK STILL HAS IT - concert in 2008  ( wouldn't it be good )

Sunday, October 23, 2011

THE DAMNED - eloise ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Originally sung by a 60s singer ( Barry Ryan ) the song Eloise gave "The Damned" a 1986 no 3 chart hit in the U.K.
The strange thing about this song is that it was never on any studio album, just a single only.
I remember hearing this song on radio and instantly liking the tune, brought it on vinyl the next day. The funny thing was that after this song came out alot of babies in 1986 that were named "Eloise" ( true fact ).

Takes me back.. CLICK HERE to download single.. its in zip format so create a folder to unzip into before downloading.. thanks to for the link. Enjoy

Thursday, October 20, 2011

COCK ROBIN - just around the corner ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... I like the sound of this song, i heard it on 977-the 80s channel ( internet radio ) a few nights ago and fell in love with it. I'll admit i have never heard of this band before but this song is a mix of human emotion, great voice and smooth melodies. This song is from the 1987 album "After here through midland" which managed a no4 in France on the music charts.The band "Cock Robin" is an American band but were fairly popular in Europe.
The band was named after a 17th century story titled "The Marriage of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren". An Excellent song, I kinda expected the guy singing in the video to start crying at the end.  A Power ballad at its best. Enjoy.

CLICK HERE to download.. p/w = 80sonspeed       thanks to for the link

Still in the ballad department, i thought i would share this new song i found myself listening to and can't stop playing. Again another band/singer i had never heard of but a very catchy song.. Sounds incredibly like "Peter Gabriel". He is a Belgian/Australian and goes under the banner of "Gotye" and the song is called "somebody that i used to know" and is off the album "Making Mirrors". This video has had 11 million views.. That's impressive.

CLICK HERE to download.. massive thanks to for the link. The file is in Zip format so create a folder before you download to unzip into..
Remember if you like what you hear, please support the artist and BUY their album so this great work can continue.. Many thanks.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

ALMOST THE 80S - various artists ( my top 10 of the 70s )

Hello and welcome back... Knocking on 80s door was the 70s, home to disco, bell-bottomed pants, satin shirts and some of the best analog synths sounds that you could dance to. Sadly, you don't hear these songs much any more so I thought I would re-live them. I was only about 8 or 9 when most of these songs came out, so I blame my parents for this. My dad loved music and would often have the stereo up real loud, unfortunately it seemed to piss my mother off and at the end of each song came the call " Turn the music down" only to be gradually turned back up when she left the room... Well, I thought it was funny at the time. ( they are now divorced )  This is my top 10 songs from the second best decade... the 70s.  Enjoy.

1 = EARTH, WIND & FIRE - September  1978 

2 = M - Pop Muzik  1979

3 = PATRICK HERNANDEZ - Born To Be Alive   1979

4 = BUGGLES - Video Killed The Radio Star   1979  

CLICK HERE  to download single... thanks to for the link

5 = GARY NUMAN - Cars   1979

CLICK HERE to download single.. thanks to for the link (press go to download)

6 = DONNA SUMMER - I Feel Love  1978

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7 = BLONDIE - Heart Of Glass   1979

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8 = HOT BUTTER - Popcorn   1972

9 = PLAYER ONE - Space Invaders  1980

10 = ABBA - sos    1975

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You can see where some 80s bands got their inspiration.. Magic sounds..Cheers.
A book from the 70's.. Sweet.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

JEAN MICHEL JARRE - the essential jean michel jarre ( 1983 )

Hello and welcome back .. Sometimes, for me, music is more than just music, its a journey for the mind and this album takes me there. I was first hooked on this type of music when my dad brought this album in 1985  and the incredible sounds that one man ( Jean Michel Jarre ) can make on a synthesizer. The amount of albums this artist has is mind boggling and just goes to show how creative he is. The main stand out track on this album would have to be "Oxygene part 2" and was used in the war movie "Gallipoli" which stared Mel Gibson. This song is a visual treat for your ears as bullets fly past and the pulsating synths replicate footsteps running for your life. Other songs that stand out for me are "Equinox part 5", "Magnetic fields part 2", "Orient Express" and "Fishing junks at sunset". For me a 10/10 album.
Track listings are =

1 = Oxygene 4

2 = Equinoxe 5

3 = Oxygene 2 ( my pick of the album )

4 = Magnetic Fields 2

5 = Orient Express

6 = Magnetic Fields 1

7 = Fishing Junks At Sunset

8 = The Overture ( live in China )

9 = Equinoxe 4

10 = Oxygene 6

11 = Magnetic Fields 4

12 = Equinoxe 3

13 = Equinoxe 1

14 =Magnetic Fields 5

Simply Brilliant .... CLICK HERE to download.. Massive thanks to for the very rare link.. cheers.

Monday, October 3, 2011

SPANDAU BALLET - confused ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back.. This song and a few others was on "Spandau Ballet's" first album Journeys to Glory and came out in 1981.Other songs on this album include "musclebound"," the freeze", and "to cut a long story short" which is also a huge favorite of mine. I chose this song because its not a song you hear very often, if at all but it has a great tune with sweeping synths and the vocals of Tony Hadley are amazing .. simply brilliant, hope you like. cheers.




An excellent 80s album.. CLICK HERE to download the remastered and expanded version of Journeys to glory.. Massive thanks to for the links. Make a note of the password on his page , you may need it. cheers