Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Wow, how to introduce this band.
"Time Bandits" were a Dutch band and they sing one of my all time favorite songs "Endless Road".. for some, its one of those songs that people hear and go.. "I remember that song"..
It was huge here in Australia.
Another song was also a big hit was "I'm only Shooting Love".. , These songs came out around 1985 and was one of the many songs I first heard in Christmas 1985 when I received my first Walkman.. A magical time spent in the warm sun listening to stereo for the first time.. amazing..
 Other songs I like are "I won't Steal Away"," I'm Specialized in You" &" Sister Paradise" ..
The sounds of the 80s, Right Here

1 = ENDLESS ROAD  (Thanks to WarnerMusicVideos for the video)

2 = I'M ONLY SHOOTING LOVE  (Thanks to James Reed Johnson for the video)

I WON'T STEAL AWAY  (Thanks to webportalavro for the video)

I'M SPECIALIZED IN YOU   (Thanks to Magnificon for the video)

SISTER PARADISE   (Thanks to Gordon Shumway for the video)

DANCING ON A STRING   (Thanks to kdee007 for the video)

LISTEN TO THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN VOICE  (Thanks to MusicVideoStudiosTas for the video)




  1. Great band! Big in NZ when I was a kid.

  2. I love this group too. A great reminder of a time that I was in High School and an era I miss so much. My favourites are Endless Road and I'm Only Shooting Love. Have both on my Iriver. Loved reading about the Walkman. I got one in the early 1980s as a Christmas present. Excellent post.


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