Saturday, September 24, 2011

DEBBIE HARRY - rush rush ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back...Sounding incredibly like "Berlin - no more words" this song came out in 1983 and was off the soundtrack of "Scarface". This was the second workings with keyboard guru  Giorgio Moroder after the Blondie song "call me". This song also made it to a comfortable position of 87 in the U.K dance charts. A classic synth sound from the 80s from one of the most loved singers Debbie Harry.


Excellent..... CLICK HERE to Download this song & more from my Mixtape series.....!/blondieofficial

Thursday, September 15, 2011

PETER HOWELL - dr who theme 1980-85

NO INTRODUCTION NEEDED  - one of the best shows on TV and one of the best themes.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NENA - nur getrumt ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back...Before "99 luftballons" Nena ( Gabriele Susanne Kerner ) was hardly known except in her home town Germany, where she had this small 1982 hit. I love this song, it has the energy of raw electronics with the voice of a young Nena... before they went commercial as most bands do mainly by record company's trying to polish up their image... still, it a fun song. enjoy

Absolutely Stunning ... CLICK HERE to download album ... massive thanks to for the link.. cheers

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Wow, how to introduce this band.
"Time Bandits" were a Dutch band and they sing one of my all time favorite songs "Endless Road".. for some, its one of those songs that people hear and go.. "I remember that song"..
It was huge here in Australia.
Another song was also a big hit was "I'm only Shooting Love".. , These songs came out around 1985 and was one of the many songs I first heard in Christmas 1985 when I received my first Walkman.. A magical time spent in the warm sun listening to stereo for the first time.. amazing..
 Other songs I like are "I won't Steal Away"," I'm Specialized in You" &" Sister Paradise" ..
The sounds of the 80s, Right Here

1 = ENDLESS ROAD  (Thanks to WarnerMusicVideos for the video)

2 = I'M ONLY SHOOTING LOVE  (Thanks to James Reed Johnson for the video)

I WON'T STEAL AWAY  (Thanks to webportalavro for the video)

I'M SPECIALIZED IN YOU   (Thanks to Magnificon for the video)

SISTER PARADISE   (Thanks to Gordon Shumway for the video)

DANCING ON A STRING   (Thanks to kdee007 for the video)

LISTEN TO THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN VOICE  (Thanks to MusicVideoStudiosTas for the video)



Monday, September 5, 2011

KIM WILDE - say you really want me ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back...Kim Wilde at her sensual best.. this sexy number came out in 1987 and was a single on the album "Another step".
The video has Kim in some classic dance moves and some sexy bedroom scenes... Do i detect a hint of "George Micheal's - i want your sex" in the background?... love this ... Kim is an amazing woman and it shows in this video... 10/10

 KIM WILDE - say you really want me