Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Possibly the best era for music.. Ever.( me thinks )..
As a synth loving dude, I loved this era..
The "New Romantic" era starting roughly 1979 - 1984 and with punk now dead ( kind of )..clubs around London  ( Blitz & st Moritz ) started to cater for a different taste, fronted by heavy synths, big hair and puffy pirate shirts ...
Bands like "Adam & the ants", "spandau ballet", "Visage" and "Duran Duran" took to this scene like a duck to water...
In Australia we had similar bands ( "real life", "pseudo echo", "dear enemy" and "kids in the kitchen" ) that were sort of in this "new romantic" category.. So i have decided, for your musical pleasure to look at my top 10 "New romantic" bands and remember the best era of synth music.. enjoy..

UPDATE - 28/03/2014 = Music Download now available...

No 1 = VISAGE - fade to grey

No 2 = SPANDAU BALLET = cut a long story short

No 3 = DURAN DURAN - girls on film ( naughty version ) ( warning - nudity )

no 4 = CLASSIX NOUVEAUX - guilty

no 5 - ADAM & THE ANTS - stand and deliver

no 6 = JAPAN - quiet life

no 7 = HEAVEN 17 - temptation

no 8 = TRANS X - message on my radio

no 9 = KAJAGOOGOO - too shy

no 10 = ULTRAVOX - the voice

Again ... my request goes out for a time machine .. ANYONE ???.. Maybe one day in the future or was that the past.. cheers.


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