Saturday, August 20, 2011

MADONNA - you can dance

Hello and welcome back... Madonna, Its a love/ hate relationship ( so to speak ) i'll explain... working in a music store i often got into discussions on various artists and why people ether loved or hated ( disliked ) a music singer ... Madonna was a huge one, i love Madonna, i love her style, fashion sense and sex appeal  BUT i found a'lot didn't like her and often the conversation got quite heated.
I chose this album because it makes me want to dance, Its a collection of remixed 12" versions of her best 80s songs and if my body wasn't so screwed up, you would find me dancing around my lounge room ( i will pretend dance in my mind ). This 1987 album contains hits like "holiday", "over and over"," into the groove" and my pick would be "where's the party"( dub version ), with its punchy beats and danceable melodies, it will keep you dancing till the wee small hours even if it is only in my mind... cheers
Track listings =
 1 = spotlight

2 = holiday

3 = everybody

4 = physical attraction

5 = over and over

6 = into the groove

7 = where's the party

8 = holiday ( dub version )

9 = into the groove ( dub version )

10 = where's the party ( dub version )                    

Simply brilliant.... CLICK HERE to download ( note the password )... massive thanks to for the link... remember if you like what you hear, support the artist and buy the album ... thanks

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