Monday, August 15, 2011

BERLIN - sex ( i'm a ) ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Time to get saucy, I love this song... one of "berlins" best. Back in the 80s it was too fruity to put on daytime tv and was reserved for late night viewers only but in today's society it looks quiet tame..
"Sex" came out in  1982 and lead vocals was by "Terri Nunn" and was of the album "pleasure victim"
Another fav song of mine is "dancing in berlin" and is on the album i have chosen for the download, along with "no more words" and "like flames"... Its a dance album with extended remixes because sometimes the 3 minutes for a song is just not long enough... enjoy

BERLIN - sex
BERLIN - dancing in berlin

BERLIN - no more words

BERLIN - like flames

Brilliant... CLICK HERE   To Download songs from this album & more from my Mixtape sessions.....Cheers

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