Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello and welcome back... For me 1982 was a year that i enjoyed, i was only 12 but still remember the music, visits to my nans, watching E.T on my neighbors telly... i must say looking back, life seemed much easier and layed back, then again i was only 12. Music wise albums by Men without Hats, Visage ,Thomas Dolby, Spandau Ballet & Michael Jackson was released.The biggest compilation album was "1982 - with a bullet"... Movies we watched were E.T, Rocky 3, 48hrs and Blade Runner...Fashion was huge with "Ra-ra skirts", "legwarmers" and bad hair were all the rage... this is my top 10 videos of 1982... enjoy ( aaahhh the memories )

1 = HOT CHOCOLATE - started with a kiss

2 = HUMAN LEAGUE - don't you want me

3 = BUCKS FIZZ - land of make believe

4 = FRIDA - i know there's something going on


6 = ROD STEWART - young turks

7 = FR DAVID - pick up the phone

8 = PETE SHELLEY - homosapien

9 = THE CHURCH - almost with you

10 = DEPECHE MODE - just cant get enough

Brilliant ... CLICK HERE to Download "Bucks Fizz" and more from my Mixtape series..... cheers

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