Friday, July 8, 2011

WA WA NEE - i could make you love me ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... As i write this, freezing my butt off ( -2deg tonight ), i have my headphones on cranking out the sounds of "WA WA Nee" ( strange name for a band ). This was the first album from this band that featured heavily on "countdown" (80s music show in Australia) which is were i first heard of them. Let loose in 1986 this self titled album had 4 singles available and i have chosen my favorite "i could make you love me". Strangely the overseas market was not so good, releasing the song "stimulation" to the American audience to a luke-warm reception... other singles includes "one and one" ( ain't good enough ) and "sugar free" but it's the pumping bass and screaming guitars in "i could make you love me" that takes me back to summer 86.. when it was warmer.. cheers.

WA WA NEE - i could make you love me

WA WA NEE - one and one ( ain't i good enough )

WA WA NEE - stimulation

WA WA NEE - sugar free

Excellent stuff... CLICK HERE to Download "I could make you love Me" and more from my Mixtape series...... enjoy

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