Wednesday, July 6, 2011

KRAFTWERK - the mix ( best of )

Hello and welcome back.... Being this my 100th post ( crowd cheers and claps ), i thought who better to look back at than the grand father of electronic music.. Kraftwerk. This German band was one of the first to pioneer electronic music to the world using analog synthesizers and primitive drum machines. For me personalty this album sounds excellent using a good pair of headphones ( i use Sony MDR-V700 )... The bass on "radioactivity" is enough to rattle my eyeballs... but is an excellent sample of classic synth sound. The album "the mix" is a best of compilation of various remixes of their most popular songs including "the robots", "computerlove", "autobahn", and my pick ... "radioactivity" with its driving bass and robotic voices .... its what classic synth should sound like.. a different and interesting album.. cheers
Track lists are =

1 = the robots

2 = computerlove

3 = pocket calculator

4 = dentaku

5 = autobahn

6 = radioactivity

7 = trans europe express

8 = abzug

9 = metal on metal

10 = homecomputer

11 = music non stop

One thing i did notice ... NO "the model", i was one of their biggest songs.. whats going on ?
Still a good album... DOWNLOAD  album ( this is the European remaster ).. massive thanks to for the link .... enjoy

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