Monday, July 4, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Today i am going on a holiday, A music holiday ( can't afford a real holiday  :( ... as there are so many styles of 80s electronic music from different country's and often unheard bands waiting to be stumbled across.. So strap yourselves in, get comfy and .. oh, no slapping the hostesses on the butt as we take off around the world ... First stop  = New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND.. Musically home to "crowded house", "koo de tah" ,"split enz" and my pick "THE MOCKERS" - one black Friday.

Ok ... now on flight 29, flying electronic air.. next destination is - FRANCE
Aaahh beautiful France... home to "Jean Michel Jarre", "air", "daft punk" and my pick, a young lady who happens to be married to Johnny Depp... VANESSA PARADIS - jo le taxi

Ok... with my pockets stuffed with baguettes, we board the plane, and next stop will be - THE UNITED KINGDOM
 THE U.K would have to be one of my favorite stops... home to the "new romantic" movement and to bands like "Duran Duran", "Depeche Mode", "Soft Cell", "Culture Club"  and my pick "NEW ORDER" - perfect kiss.

Back on the plane... flight 225 and we're off to - ITALY...
Italy, home to the late 80s italio house music scene of pumping beats and heavy synths... home to bands like the "49ers", "black box", "starlight", "clubhouse" and my pick "FPI PROJECT" - everybody ( all over the world )

AAHHH, so much music, so little time as i eat my home made Italian pizza and now flying to - GERMANY.
 Germany ... home of my most favorite car the "Porsche", and to bands like "Alphaville", "Fancy", "Kraftwerk" and this gorgeous lady - "NENA" - 99 luft ballons

As i swig my Sternberg beer and munching into some sauerkraut, we jet off again.. Next stop = NORWAY
Norway ... home to "vikings", "folk costumes" and the best "salmon" in the world.. oh , and this band = A-HA - sun always shines on tv

Ok ... back on my trusty plane.. Electronic Air ( the heater just broke ) and next stop .. the land of stars and stripes, the mighty U.S.A
America ... as i take a wiff i can smell the hot dogs nearby and i am reminded of the massive talent that came out of the 80s ... Music like "Michael Jackson" , "Bruce Springsteen", "Devo", "Prince" and this amazing lady = "LAURA BRANIGAN" - self control ( sadly died 2004 )

Nearing the end of my holiday, i head to = CANADA
aahhh .. the Canadians, musically home to "Men without Hats", "Glass Tiger"," Bryan Adams", "Corey Hart" and my pick ="LIME" - babe, were gonna love tonight

WOW .. what a journey ... back in Australia..( missed my Vegemite ).. musically we have "Inxs", "Men at Work","Pseudo Echo" ," Real Life" and this band = EUROGLIDERS - can't wait to see you

CLICK HERE to Download songs from this post & more from my Mixtape series.....

Well, as I park my jet in the carport ( big carport ) .. I hope you have enjoyed sharing my holiday with me ... best of all - it didn't cost anything.. cheers. ( think i will have a sleep now ) yawn.

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