Monday, June 20, 2011

INXS - the swing

Hello and welcome back...Probability one of the biggest albums to come from the 80s... Everyone had a copy of this album in their collection, Either cassette or vinyl ( cassette came out on chromium dioxide = crisp sound ).. Let loose in 1984 "the swing" shot to no1 in Australia and remained in the charts for the next 2 years, meanwhile overseas it remained unknown... For me , this is one of my most loved albums of the 80s, with songs like "original sin" , "i send a message", "dancing on the jetty", "burn for you" and "love is what i say" which is my pick of the album.. Love the dreamy synths and that voice of Michael Hutchence. If i close my eyes, i am taken back to 34c days, swimming in my neighbours pool with the radio on 2SM and "love is what i say" blasting out of the speakers.. Pure bliss. From start to finish this is a 10/10 album. Enjoy.
Track listings are =

1 = original sin

2 = melting in the sun

3 = i send a message

4 = dancing on the jetty

5 = the swing ( live - not on album )

6 = Johnson's aeroplane

7 = love is  (what i say)

8 = face the change ( live - not on album )

9 = burn for you

10 = all the voices

Simply brilliant... CLICK HERE to download album.. Massive thanks to for the links .. cheers

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