Friday, June 24, 2011

ANIMOTION - obsession ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Nothing says 80s than this band, classic synths, cheesy lyrics and bad hair. Animotion had a few hits but none as big as this 1984 song - obsession. Formed in California, the video was shot next a swimming pool ( original ) and singers were in fancy dress ( roman )... must have been something in the water because the lead female singer ( Astrid plane ) ended up marring the bass player and is now happily married with a daughter.. love a nice ending. Other songs not so big were "let him go", "i want you" and "engineer".. Brilliant bit of 80s that. enjoy

ANIMOTION - obsession

ANIMOTION - let him go

ANIMOTION - i want you

ANIMOTION - engineer

Brilliant... CLICK HERE to download " the best of "... Massive thanks to for the link.. cheers

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