Sunday, May 1, 2011

YELLO - stella

Hello and welcome back ... Ferris Buller fans would instantly reconise the main song of this album "oh yeah" but there is so much more to this album.
The swiss band "Yello" was formed by  Dieter Meier and Boris Blank and got their name after mixing the pun " a yelled hello ".
 I brought this album in 1988 a few years after it had come out and for a cassette it was incredible, you see.. I owned a aiwa walkman that I paid about $600 for, ( CD Discman's were way too bulky ) and the cassette came out in chromium dioxide meaning a crisp clear sound.. I was in heaven..
Songs on this album included "Vicious Games", "Oh Yeah", "Domingo" and my pick of the album "Angel No" with its twangy guitars and pumping beat..
It is a different style of music but its an enjoyable one. Track listings are =

 1 = DESIRE   (Thanks to  JerryR Nieuwkoop for the video)

2 = VICIOUS GAMES (Thanks to musicadelos80djcirio for the video)

3 = OH YEAH  (Thanks to thenickleboy for the video)

4 = DESERT INN  (Thanks to JethroDawnfine for the video)

5 = STALAKDRAMA  (Thanks to kikehippo for the video)

6 = KOLADI OLA   (Thanks to Elkhwind for the video)

7 = DOMINGO  (Thanks to GAZMIKA for the video)



10 = ciel ouvert


So many memories, a few of the songs were also used in Miami Vice back in the 80s... CLICK HERE to download... Massive thanks to for the links.. enjoy


  1. A great album. The production was and still is amazing. Personal favourite is Dr Hirsh !


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