Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UTAH SAINTS - utah saints

Hello and welcome back... Drifting slightly outside the 80s, I thought i would share with you one of my most loved albums.The "Utah Saints" were famous for using snippets of other people's songs in their music ( sampling ) and were very good at it. I remember my clubbing days ( kinda hazy ) and hearing this song being pumped out across the dance floor... that song was "something good" with the backing track being "Kate Bush - cloudbusting". In 2008 this song was re-released with one of the best video clips I've seen ( ft the running man ).. Other songs on this album are "what can you do for me", "i want you", "something good" and "new gold dream" which is my pick of the album with the backing track from "simple minds"... being a huge "simple minds" fan, couldn't go past it... deserves to be played loud..
Track listings are =

1 = something good

SOMETHING GOOD  2008 remix ( not on album )

2 = i want you

3 = what can you do for me

4 = soulution

5 = states of mind

6 = new gold dream

7 = kinetic synthetic

8 = my mind must be free

9 = trance atlantic glide

10 = too much to swallow ( part 1 )

A magical album... CLICK HERE to download album.. huge thanxs to reactiv-8.blogspot.com for the link  .. cheers

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