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Hello and welcome back... Ok, technically not an electronic band but they heavily used electronic drums so it's sorta ok...
I was asked at a 80s party I attended last week, "What 80s band/album had the most influence on you" ?... I answered "Def Leppard - Hysteria"... Why? I was asked... Because I died while listening to the song "Rocket" (a song of the Hysteria album )...
Let me explain.. It was 4am and I was on my way to work on my Bike and was listening to Hysteria on my AIWA walkman when I was hit by a car traveling around 80 kph.. I remember laying on the road, freezing, (middle of winter).. hearing the ambulance getting closer.. I could still hear the Def Leppard song playing through the headphones around my neck..That's when I saw this incredible light... A white light that was suspending my body.. and the most euphoric feeling I have ever lasted about 30 seconds.. The ambulance team brought me back and I was air lifted by Careflight Rescue helicopter to 3 hospitals for 4 major operations..
I died again on the forth operation and again I was brought back to life...
I broke my pelvis in 4 places that cut the main arteries to my legs which then bled into my stomach... After 32 blood transfusions I was on the road to recovery and here's where it gets weird...
4 months laying in hospital I watched alot of TV and I saw the video to "Rocket".. with dismembered bicycles in the back ground, right where I impacted with the car (just after the second chorus ) the words flash across the screen "Collision Course" and sings "We're gonna fly"... and fly I did... Strangely enough I also used this album as part of my rehab.. I also suffered a dislocated shoulder and broken collar bone so I used to practice drumming to the sounds of "Def Leppard" get my mobility back in my arm. To me this album is one of the best ever 80s albums, even if it nearly killed me listening to it.
Track list is =







7 = GODS OF WAR ( my pick of the album )   (Thanks to awesomenessk for the video)

8 = DONT SHOOT SHOTGUN   (Thanks to Slavik07 for the video)

9 = RUN RIOT   (Thanks to aznricepuff for the video)


11 =EXCITABLE  (Thanks to DefLeppQueen91 for the video)

12 = LOVE AND AFFECTION (Thanks to shortbusrider1108 for the video)


CLICK HERE  to see me after the accident.

Massive thanks to Official Def Leppard Youtube channel for some of the videos

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