Monday, February 25, 2013

ADEVA - adeva

Hello and welcome back... Patrica Daniels aka "Adeva" was a director & vocal coach in her local church choir before she became one of the best late 80s singers. For me she kinda reminds me of "Grace Jones" a bit, with the strong vocals and high hair... Her self titled album was let loose in 1989 and had a string of hits including "respect", "treat me right", "i thank you" and my pick of the album .. "warning"... Love the lyrics and the punchy synths..the in-sync dancers and smooth vocals.. They don't write stuff like this anymore..Enjoy.

Track listing =

1 = respect

2 = treat me right

3 = i thank you

4 = so right

5 = in & out of my life

6 = warning

7 = i don't need you

8 = beautiful love

9 = promises

10 - musical freedom

Simply brilliant... CLICK HERE to Download "Warning" and more from my Mixtape series...... Enjoy

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