Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UTAH SAINTS - utah saints

Hello and welcome back... Drifting slightly outside the 80s, I thought i would share with you one of my most loved albums.The "Utah Saints" were famous for using snippets of other people's songs in their music ( sampling ) and were very good at it. I remember my clubbing days ( kinda hazy ) and hearing this song being pumped out across the dance floor... that song was "something good" with the backing track being "Kate Bush - cloudbusting". In 2008 this song was re-released with one of the best video clips I've seen ( ft the running man ).. Other songs on this album are "what can you do for me", "i want you", "something good" and "new gold dream" which is my pick of the album with the backing track from "simple minds"... being a huge "simple minds" fan, couldn't go past it... deserves to be played loud..
Track listings are =

1 = something good

SOMETHING GOOD  2008 remix ( not on album )

2 = i want you

3 = what can you do for me

4 = soulution

5 = states of mind

6 = new gold dream

7 = kinetic synthetic

8 = my mind must be free

9 = trance atlantic glide

10 = too much to swallow ( part 1 )

A magical album... CLICK HERE to download album.. huge thanxs to reactiv-8.blogspot.com for the link  .. cheers

Monday, May 30, 2011

TOM TOM CLUB - wordy rappinghood ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Taking their name from a dance-hall in the Bahamas, the "Tom Tom Club" were a compilation of 2 members of the "talking heads" and other various musician and sound engineers. For me personally its a great song to listen to with headphones as the funky synths seem to dance around your head. Wordy Rappinghood came of the album with the same name ( Tom Tom Club ) and also had the hit "Genius of love" .... the rest of the album doesn't seem to make sense to me, but other people may like it.. Love the album artwork, something that is lacking with today's artists.. Enjoy

TOM TOM CLUB - wordy rappinghood ( live )

TOM TOM CLUB - genius of love

Simply Brilliant... CLICK HERE to download the album " Tom Tom Club ".... enter the 2 words then press download.. Massive thanks to 666-musicforlife.blogspot.com for the links ...cheers

Thursday, May 26, 2011

REAL LIFE - heartland

Hello and welcome back... Known as the haircut bands ( kids in the kitchen, pseudo echo, dear enemy ) "Real Life" burst onto the music scene with big hair and a huge hit called "Send me an Angel". It was a snappy new wave/ synthpop song that launched them into the spotlight. For me I was in heaven ... I loved this type of music and it put many aussie bands on the map.. The pub/ club scene was massive and often sorted the boys from the men, and these new haircut bands could really show what they were made of ( haircut bands because many of them were hairdressers by day, musicians by night ).
Heartland was released in 1983 and had the hits "Send me an Angel", "Always" , "Openhearted" and my pick of the album "Catch me i'm falling" with its punchy electric drums and sweeping synths.. this is one brilliant album.
Track listings are =

1= Send me an Angel

2 = Catch me i'm Falling

3 = under the hammer

4 = heartland

5 = breaking point

6 = broken again

7 = always ( live ) not on album

8 = openhearted

9 = exploding bullets ( from "savage streets" soundtrack )

10 = burning blue

An 80s classic ...... CLICK HERE to Download songs from this album & more from my Mixtape sessions.... cheers

Monday, May 23, 2011

THE ADVENTURES - theodore and friends

Hello and welcome back... Irish band "the adventures" have been a personal favorite of mine since i brought this album back in 1987 ( when i had money )... They are not that well know in Australia but deserve excellent recognition for this album. Set free in 1985,"theodore and friends" had a slathering of excellent songs including "always", "feel the raindrops", "don't tell me", "another silent day", "love in chains", and my pick of the album.. "send my heart", with it's melodic synths and twangy guitars, its a feel good song. The whole album is like folk meets rock meets electronic... a bit of everything. Enjoy.
Track listing =

1 = always

2 = feel the raindrops

3 = send my heart

4 = two rivers

5 = don't tell me

6 = another silent day

7 = when the world turns upside down

8 = love in chains ( live )

9 = lost in hollywood

10 = these children

Excellent, CLICK HERE to Download songs from this album and more from my Mixtape series.... cheers.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Seeing that the end of the world is nigh.. I thought I would leave you with this song... personally I love this.. although some people would rather forget it... The reynold girls are a prodigy of stock, aitken & waterman and the download on offer is a 3 disc album of all their ( saw ) best stuff including "dead or alive", "banarama", "kylie", "divine" and the list goes on .... its a chunky download but its worth it..

REYNOLD GIRLS - I'D RATHER JACK  (Thanks to stephen9478 for the video)

Sooo Cheeezy... CLICK HERE to download "stock,aitken & waterman.. gold", then click on either rapidshare logo or mediafire.. it will be time consuming because there is time restrictions on free users but its worth it. HUGE thanks to disco-planet.blogspot.com for the links.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PATRICK HERNANDEZ - born to be alive ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... This song has to be one of the best party starters I know, Have a few drinks and this is a catchy song that you can sing to, will have you up and dancing in no time.
French singer "Patrick Hernandez" set the dance floors on fire with this classic track then kinda disappeared of the radar.. Great song, crappy video. Enjoy

PATRICK HERNANDEZ - born to be alive

Aaaahhh the memories...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FREEEZ - iou ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Listening to a music special on triple j Sydney around 1987 , the subject was about synthesizers and emulators and the band "freeez" was featured heavily ... mainly this song. IOU was also used in the breakdance move "beatstreet" and went to no 2 in the UK in 1983... Love the use of the Roland SH101 synth ( i had one but sold it.. kicking myself ).. This song was kinda ahead of its time, getting a synth to sound like a human singing was cutting edge stuff in 1983 and is one of my favorites.

FREEEZ - iou

Brilliant .... CLICK HERE to download album .. many thanks to riogroovefm.blogspot.com for the links.. cheers

Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello and welcome back.. Around 1983-84 a new style was coming out of America with funky music and these amazing moves.. put it all together and you have "Breakdancing" add to that Movies like "Breakin"  and "Breakdance" ( the movie ) add artists like "Irene Cara", "Ollie & Jerry" & "The Rock Steady Crew" and your ready to make some moves. All you needed was a boom box and a smooth surface and you were set.
 I tried breakdancing when I was at school and nearly did just that.. break something.. my neck. but it was fun.
 Both the movies had soundtracks which were chocked full of dance and hip hop- electro funk classics.. re-live what I can no longer do.. Breakdance

UPDATE 30/08/2013 - Download Breakdance Mixtape HERE


OLLIE & JERRY - there's no stopping us

IRENE CARA - breakdance

BREAKIN - turbo broom dance

Excellent moves...  CLICK HERE to download "electro breakdance" 1 & 2 ... enjoy

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hello and welcome back ...something quick to put a smile on your face... it's a redone version of the " men without hats " song "safety dance"..loved the "well little man jump high as you can, well thats not very high".. haha.. hope you like.. made me laugh.

Love it.. for the real version.. CLICK HERE .. cheers

Sunday, May 1, 2011

YELLO - stella

Hello and welcome back ... Ferris Buller fans would instantly reconise the main song of this album "oh yeah" but there is so much more to this album.
The swiss band "Yello" was formed by  Dieter Meier and Boris Blank and got their name after mixing the pun " a yelled hello ".
 I brought this album in 1988 a few years after it had come out and for a cassette it was incredible, you see.. I owned a aiwa walkman that I paid about $600 for, ( CD Discman's were way too bulky ) and the cassette came out in chromium dioxide meaning a crisp clear sound.. I was in heaven..
Songs on this album included "Vicious Games", "Oh Yeah", "Domingo" and my pick of the album "Angel No" with its twangy guitars and pumping beat..
It is a different style of music but its an enjoyable one. Track listings are =

 1 = DESIRE   (Thanks to  JerryR Nieuwkoop for the video)

2 = VICIOUS GAMES (Thanks to musicadelos80djcirio for the video)

3 = OH YEAH  (Thanks to thenickleboy for the video)

4 = DESERT INN  (Thanks to JethroDawnfine for the video)

5 = STALAKDRAMA  (Thanks to kikehippo for the video)

6 = KOLADI OLA   (Thanks to Elkhwind for the video)

7 = DOMINGO  (Thanks to GAZMIKA for the video)



10 = ciel ouvert


So many memories, a few of the songs were also used in Miami Vice back in the 80s... CLICK HERE to download... Massive thanks to babakazoo.blogspot.com for the links.. enjoy