Monday, April 18, 2011

SOUNDS LIKE THE 80S - todays songs that sound like yesterday

Hello and welcome back... Music is a huge part of my life and I am often looking for new music. Alot of new music sounds very 80s and is often a fresh alternative to crap that is played over and over by radio stations. This is my favorite top 10 of  newish songs that have a 80s flavor.

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###UPDATE## 1/08/2014 = An Audio version is now available LISTEN / DOWNLOAD HERE

Number1 = GRUM - Through the me, sounds like human league ( the video even looks 80s)

Number 2 = DURAN DURAN - Being me sounds like Duran Duran ( obviously ) Hold back the Rain, My own Way.

Number 3 = OU EST LE SWIMMING POOL - The Key... to me sounds like O.M.D., Erasure

Number 4 = ROYSKOPP  - Girl and the Robot... sounds like Animotion ( obsession )

Number 5 = BAG RAIDERS - Way back Home... to me sounds like New Order

Number 6 = THE QUADRAPHONIC ALL STARS - New me sounds like Gary Numan, Human League

CLICK HERE to visit website.. i used audacity while listening to the music player ; ) .. they are also on itunes

Number 7 = ELEGANT MACHINERY - Feel the Silence me sounds like Depeche Mode

Number 8 = MARSHEAUX - Popcorn... to me sounds like Hot Butter ( popcorn ).. funny bout that.

Number 9 = SHINY TOY GUNS - Major Tom me sounds like Peter Shilling.

Number 10 = ROBYN - me sounds like Berlin

So much great music ... so little time,

DOWNLOAD these songs and more HERE from my Mixtape series ... hope you liked..


  1. Michael i really have to thank you for bringing The Quadrophonic All Stars to my attention - i am now totally hooked on 'New York' and finding the guy on MySpace and Soundcloud has also brought me more of his work ! Thanks a lot for that...Nick

  2. Thanks for the comment..i found them while scouring worthy websites segment.. their website is a collection of music and the various synths and sequencers they use.. worth a look = thanks again .. Michael.. happy Easter

  3. thanks for the link ! Love the Grum album too - very analog/80s ! They also did a couple of remixes of Pet Shop Boys' West End Girls recently if you didn't know ?? Have a great Easter too , UK is bathing in glorious sunshine at the moment, dunno what you have down under ??

  4. cheers, didn't know about pet shop boys.. have to check them out.. the weather is super in Sydney at the moment, sunny, about 25deg today, i live in the mountains so its a little cooler.. keep checking this post , i am adding links as i find them for missing albums.. happy Easter to you too.


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