Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SABRINA - boys ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back.. Italian songstress Sabina ( Sabrina Salerno ) graced our screens back in 1987 with the hit "boys" ... the video to this song caused a huge controversy due to the fact that she was wearing a swimming costume that seemed to have a mind of its own.. so due to that, this video was banned in the U.K until it was edited, and is one of the most downloaded video clips ever shown ( 14 million and counting ). Apart from the eye candy the song is quiet catchy and the album ( Sabrina ) also had the hit "sexy girl" which was also a huge hit.....belissima

SABRINA - boys

SABRINA - sexy girl

Amazing.... CLICK HERE to download album... huge thanxs to babakazoo.blogspot.com for the links.. enjoy

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