Friday, April 1, 2011

KIM WILDE - singles collection

Hi and welcome back... A good friend commented the other day about this site saying that he thought it lacked a sexy vibe.. "Put someone hot" on your site, he stated... so it got me thinking, who's from the 80s, sing well and looks "hot"... then it came to me, "Kim Wilde". When "kids in America" came out in 1981 ... i was in love, i was only 11 but she was amazing,and her voice was something else, throughout the 80s Kim kept going with "keep me hanging on" and later had "love is holy" ( 90s ) and i think she is still singing to this day. I was lucky enough to see her live a few years ago and yes, she still is amazing. One song not on the compilation is a b side called "stone" which i think should be a single and will add the video below ( it was b side to "keep me hanging on" .. i think )... so to Steve, one of my readers.. enjoy.
 Track listings are =
1 = kids in america

2 = chequered love

3 = water on glass ( live ).. not on album

4 = cambodia

5 = view from a bridge

6 = child come away

7 = love blond

8 = the second time

9 = rage to love

10 = keep me hanging on

STONE - live ... ( not on album .. should be )

11 = another step

12 = you came

YOU CAME 2006 VERSION ( wow ) - not on album

13 = never trust a stranger

14 = four letter word

15 = love is holy

16 = if i can't have you

17 = in my life

Absolutely stunning ... CLICK HERE to Download or listen to songs from this album and more from my Mixtape series ....cheers


  1. Michael, 'Stone' is on the 'Close' album and is still rather good in its studio version- let me know if you want it ? Cheers Nick

  2. many thanks ... i downloaded the close album when doing research for this post.. i have added the link for other readers.. cheers michael


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