Thursday, April 14, 2011

COLLETTE - ring my bell ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... In 1989, it became quiet fashionable to wear your gym wear as your normal attire...Singer Collette ( Collette Roberts ) did this very well, dancing hi-energy in her bike pants and bra top she  released "ring my bell" ( an Anita ward cover ). I don't mind this song, it's very catchy with the acid sound that was popular around this era , she also had another song which did well called "all i want to do is dance" and came of the same album "raze the roof".

COLLETTE - ring my bell   (Thanks to ohnoitisnathan23 for the video)

COLLETTE - all i want to do is dance (Thanks to DigitalStrip for the video)

I feel the need to aerobicize.... CLICK HERE to download "raze the roof" album..   .

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