Sunday, March 20, 2011

MILLI VANILLI - all or nothing ( U.S. remix album )

Hello again... When prince sang the song " controversy " it could have been about this band. The rise and fall of Milli Vanilli captured the media's attention worldwide in late 1988.. To me I didn't really care who sang the the songs , it was just good catchy dance music. The band was fronted by two models/dancers  named Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan ( rob & fab ) and were perfect for the job except for one thing, they didn't actually sing on the album. Then when the media found out , all hell broke loose..Customers were screaming "refund" while the band had to hand back the grammy award they had won, but were allowed to keep their American Music Awards. I myself loved their music and after hearing what had happened, I thought it was petty to ask for a refund.. After all it was about the music.
Sadly in 1998 Rob Pilatus was found dead from accidental overdose.
The album "All or Nothing" was remixed in 1989 and includes all the hits including "Blame it on the Rain","Baby-Don't Forget my Number" and "Girl i'm Gonna Miss You" which is my pick of the album, I love its soft melodies and easy to sing lyrics.. it takes me back to a special time in my life..The videos below are not remix versions, no videos were made for these.. .Track listings are =

1 = blame it on the rain

2 = more than you will ever know

3 = take it comes

4 = it's your thing

5 = dreams to remember

6 = all or nothing

7 = baby, don't forget my number

8 = i'm gonna miss you

9 = girl, you know its true

So many memories.. love it.. CLICK HERE to download album.. huge thanks to for the link... enjoy

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