Sunday, March 13, 2011

MACHINATIONS - big music

Hello and welcome back... This band was once quoted as a band ahead of their time, Let loose in 1985 this was dance music at its best.
I first heard of them while watching "Countdown" on Saturday nights and loved their sound and style.
The album "Big Music" had a number of hits including "My Hearts on Fire","You got me going Again", "Predator" and "No say in It" which is my pick of the album with its punchy beats and rhythmic guitars it one great song.
The machinations myspace page is a great site ( view here ) has some great songs to listen to... one of those songs is "cars and planes" of a later album and is very hard to get, it has to be one of my best favs of the 80s.. i used to have a demo tape of "beats and planes" which was a dance version of this song ... it pumps, but cant find it anywhere.

Track listing = 

1 = MY HEART'S ON FIRE   (Thanks to 70s80sVidz for the video)

2 = predator

3 = jabber

4 = EXECUTION OF LOVE (Thanks to 2560saw for the video)

5 = spark

6 = NO SAY IN IT  (Thanks to parachuteclubbed for the video)

7 = YOU GOT ME GOING AGAIN  (Thanks to austv2 for the video)

8 = 5 minutes black

9 = the letter

10 = one step closer

Awesome.... CLICK HERE to Download songs from this album and more from my Mixtape series..... :)


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