Friday, March 18, 2011

INSPIRAL CARPETS - this is how it feels ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back.... I remember laying in hospital in late 1989 and listening to Saturday night requests on radio JJJ.. I instantly love the soft tune with the beating drum in the background.. very catchy. The band "Inspiral Carpets" came from Manchester ( Oldham ) in the U.K. and got their name from a clothing shop in Oldham.. To me this song sounds quietly psychedelic and is a refreshing change from heavy electronic bands of that time. The video of this song looks like it was positively freezing at the time of shooting as the drummer and guitarist look like they want to be somewhere warm and the lead singer badly needs a chapstick.

INSPIRAL CARPETS - this is how it feels

Beautiful song .... CLICK HERE to download song .. enjoy


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