Saturday, February 12, 2011

UNDERWORLD - underneath the radar

Hi and welcome back.. I first heard this song called "underneath the radar" on a compilation album called "88 kix on"( DOWNLOAD HERE ).. Underworld used to be known as " Freur " and had the hit "doot-doot". After a change in record company's they changed their name to Underworld and released this album in 1988. The album is a huge favorite of mine because it mixes the right blend of guitars with synths then add electric drums and it becomes heaven on a stick. My favorite song would be "i need a doctor" with its heavy use of a voice vocoder, it sounds amazing, so good in fact ch9 wide world of sports played it when doing a replay of sporting accidents.
Track listing is =

 1 = glory glory

 2 = call me no.1

 3 = rubber ball

 4 = show some emotion

 5 = underneath the radar
6 = miracle party

7 = i need a doctor

8 = bright white flame

9 = pray

10 = the god song

Not big on videos... shame ,After this album they had the single "stand up" and then went on to do "born slippy" in the 90s

UNDERWORLD - stand up

UNDERWORLD - born slippy

Excellent ... CLICK HERE to Download "Underneath the Radar and more from my Mixtape series...... Enjoy

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