Friday, February 25, 2011

THE TIMELORDS - doctor'n the tardis ( lost hits )

Hi and welcome back... The timelords ( time boy & lord rock ) were a novelty band that were better known as " the klf ", aka "the jams" or "justified ancients of mu mu" ... I am a huge fan of "the klf" ( Kopyright Liberation Front )  and have traveled 2.5 hours just to get their chill out album when it first came out ( that's dedication for you ).Doctorin the tardis is a mash up song of the Dr Who theme and Gary glitters song = rock & roll part 2 and it was a huge song... went to no1 in the U.K. and no10 in Australia but it was also the car in the video that stole the limelight, named "ford timelord" it was a ford galaxy done up as a U.S police cruiser.. The video was shot at a RAF base (  yatesbury ) in Wiltshire , U.K. and cost around 8,000 pound to make.
My favourite songs of the klf would be "wichita lineman was a song i once heard" ( it puts chills up my spine ) and "last train to trancentral".. both videos are below.. enjoy a little slice of heaven :)

THE TIMELORDS  - doctorin the tardis

THE KLF - wichita linesman was a song i once heard

THE KLF - last train to trancentral

Excellent stuff ... CLICK HERE to Download this song and more from my Mixtape series..... cheers

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