Monday, February 28, 2011


Hi and welcome back... This is another album I found at my local library in my teens, great blend of synths, electric drums and the magic voice of Mark Hollis..
Set free in 1982 the album had the same producer as Duran Duran's first albums, with that raw edginess before they went mainstream. 'The Partys Over' had a few hits of this album including "It's so Serious", "Today", "Talk Talk" and "The Party's Over" which is my pick of the album .. love its melodic synths and the driving beat..

This album was huge in south africa going to No1 in the music charts while it's hometown U.K it only managed no23.. See the South Africans know good music  : )

Track listings are =

 1 = TALK TALK  (Thanks to emimusic for the video)

2 = ITS SO SERIOUS  (Thanks to ColourOfSpring for the video)

3 = TODAY  (Thanks to emimusic for the video)

4 = THE PARTYS OVER (LIVE = amazing)... (Thanks to WhackaWhacka for the video)

5 =HATE (live) ... (Thanks to dumdumfriend for the video)

6 = HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS?  (Thanks to ColourOfSpring for the video)

7 = MIRROR MAN  (Live)     (Thanks to Raizo Mania for the video)

8 = ANOTHER WORLD  (Thanks to ColourOfSpring for the video)


A10/10 album

Brilliant .. if you get the chance to see them live it's well worth the effort.....CLICK HERE to Download "Talk Talk" and more from my Mixtape series .....cheers.

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