Sunday, February 6, 2011

RE-FLEX - Politics of Dancing

Hello and welcome back... Another of my favorite bands...

'Re-flex' or 'Reflex' ( nothing to do with Duran Duran ) was mainly known for the one hit wonder "the politics of dancing".

I first heard this song on a compilation tape called "1984 The Beat" ( download here  ) and loved it ..
The album "Politics of Dancing" was let loose in 1983 and had some decent songs on it ( but didn't chart well ) songs like "Praying to the Beat", "Hitline", "Hurt" and my pick of the album "Keep in Touch"... Why this song was not a single is beyond me.. its one of those songs i never get bored listening to..
Have a listen and you be the judge... Simply incredible band..

 Track listings are =

1 = Praying to the Beat

2 = Hitline

3 = Hurt

4 = Couldn't stand a Day

5 = Politics of Dancing

6 = Something about You

7 = Pointless

8 = Jungle

9 = Sensitive

10 = Keep in Touch

I so want to go back to the 80s... anyone who has a time machine, please let me know .. CLICK HERE to download album ( click "try it" and copy and paste into web address ).. make note of the password on the site ..many thanks to new romantic rules blogspot for the links
Also CLICK HERE to listen or Download songs from this album & more, from my Mixtape series  .. enjoy.

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